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Digital Power 2030

In the next decade, humans will enter a new era of digital power. Renewables like wind, solar, and hydro power will replace fossil fuels as our main energy sources. Together we will drive this transformation, and build intelligent, low-carbon energy systems. The digital and energy sectors will merge on a fundamental level, creating an energy revolution, facilitating a future where data will be used to manage energy flow in the "energy-cloud".
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All connected, all electric, and all green

digitalpower 01

Renewables will account for over 50% of all electricity generation globally

digitalpower 02

Over 3,000 GW of PV plants will be in place

digitalpower 03

Over 50% of vehicles sold will be electric

digitalpower 04

Renewable energy will power more than 80% of ICT energy infrastructure

Related Technologies

The faster transformation of the energy industry will drive the development of four related technologies

digitalpower data 1

Digital Technologies

5G, cloud, AI, big data, IoT, and an era where all things can sense, connect, and work intelligently.

digitalpower cloud system 2

Energy Cloud OS

Bits will be used to manage watts; and energy systems will transfer energy flows to and from each other without the constraints by time and distance.

digitalpower power 1

Power Electronics Technologies

Energy systems will be centered on electricity. Power electronics devices will be equipped with inclusive interfaces, respond fast, and have high conversion efficiency.

digitalpower power microchip 1

Third-gen power semiconductor devices

Featured by high voltage, high operating frequency and temperature, and high speed switch, they will be used to replace silicon-based components which are going to hit a wall.

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