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"Can you trust Huawei?" It's a question Andy Purdy, Huawei USA's Chief Security Officer, answers in this Huawei Decoded episode.
Who is Huawei? Where we come from, what we do, our customers, and our employees. Watch the video.
“Thrive Together with Tech: Realizing Sustainable Development." Huawei's annual corporate sustainability event is on Nov. 21 in Dongguan.
xScene, an in-car display system that provides a widescreen experience. Check out what it's about in this Heart of Innovation vignette.
22 years. That's how long Huawei has been part of Malaysia. The "Better Together" video series looks at what Huawei and partners have achieved.

Transforming Countries

Bangladesh 25 years, Brazil 25 years, Chile 20 years... Huawei is a trusted partner.  


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