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China Mobile Qinghai Works with Huawei to Protect a Key Headwater in Northwest China

Dec 01, 2023

[Shenzhen, China, December 1, 2023] Huawei and China Mobile Communications Group Qinghai Co., Ltd. (China Mobile Qinghai) completed earlier this month the deployment of an all-optical network that will help protect the “Three-River-Source” high up in Qinghai province. The solution combines OXC (Optical Cross-connect) and OTN technologies and integrates the latest cloud and other technologies.

Three-River-Source is located in the southern part of Qinghai Province, China, at an average altitude of over 4000 meters. Being the headwater of the Yangtze River, Yellow River, and Lancang River, it is also known as the China’s Water Tower. The highest natural wetland in China, it is home to unique sub-species of flora and fauna that have adapted to its unique environment. Rare snow leopards and Tibetan antelopes roam the area. Protecting this region is of major significance to China and the wider world.


Three-River-Source in Qinghai Province, China

China Mobile Qinghai worked with Huawei to build "one network" for all-optical transmission and "one cloud" for computing. Together, the two partners built networks that feature “new architecture, new speed, new security, new efficiency, and new intelligence.” In addition, Huawei helped Qinghai Province build an ecological information monitoring system, which is the highest-altitude system of its kind anywhere in China. The simplified “one network, one cloud” approach supports multiple applications, including monitoring of biodiversity, vegetation, and forests; preventing poaching and illegal harvesting of vegetation; and early detection of fires.


Technologies used by China Mobile Qinghai

Huawei leveraged its industry-leading all-optical switching OXC to help China Mobile Qinghai build an all-optical base that offers ultra-low latency (1 ms within a city/Xining-Haidong, 5 ms within Qinghai Province, 5 ms within pan-Ganning hub cluster, and 20 ms within China), facilitating ultra-fast video data transmission. Backed up by advanced OTN platforms, the solution guarantees seamless transmission of massive amounts of data. In terms of reliability, China Mobile Qinghai has deployed ASON (automatically switched optical network), which greatly improves the network's ability to handle multiple fiber cuts and allows it to easily cope with the complex environment in Qinghai. With regards to computing power, China Mobile Qinghai has he construction of a next-generation big data center featuring zero carbon, ultra-fast operations, high efficiency, intelligence, and high security. In this area, an operation mode integrating power generation, grid, load, and storage has already been developed, and technologies including campus PV deployment, simplified power supply, energy storage optimization, and smart O&M are being used to greatly reduce carbon emission in data centers.

China Mobile Qinghai pledged it will follow China Mobile's overall conception and target architecture in "Jiuzhou" computing optical networks, continue to scale up the construction of green all-optical networks and green computing infrastructure, and deploy optical transmission throughout the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, providing ultimate computing power for Northwest China and promoting the high-quality economic development in Qinghai.


In 2019, Huawei launched a global initiative and action plan in digital inclusion: TECH4ALL. Through this initiative, Huawei works with partners to promote a more balanced and sustainable development of the digital world using innovative digital technologies. Protecting the “Three-River-Source” is one of another example of Tech4ALL’s impact.

A video about the Huawei Three-River-Source optical deployment is available here.

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