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Protecting a Qinghai headwater - the Chinese Water Tower

(Dec. 2023) Huawei and China Mobile Communications Group Qinghai Co., Ltd. (China Mobile Qinghai) completed the deployment of an all-optical network that will help protect the “Three-River-Source” high up in Qinghai province. 

Three-River-Source is located in the southern part of Qinghai Province, China, at an average altitude of over 4000 meters. Being the headwater of the Yangtze River, Yellow River, and Lancang River, it is also known as the China’s Water Tower. The highest natural wetland in China, it is home to unique sub-species of flora and fauna that have adapted to its unique environment. Rare snow leopards and Tibetan antelopes roam the area. Protecting this region is of major significance to China and the wider world.

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