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Breakfast Bites: a young Portuguese engineer describes her path with Huawei

 (September 2023) In this first instalment of Breakfast Bites, Sofia Duarte Patricio, a young Portuguese woman, describes what led her to study engineering and to work at Huawei. She relates her story to Inês Santos Silva, co-founder of Huawei Women In Tech Portugal, during breakfast at a quiet café terrace. 

  • Sofia's relationship with Huawei began through the Seeds For The Future program in 2019, planting the seed for her career in tech.
  • Sofia now inspires others as a Wireless Engineer at Huawei, coming full circle from student participant to sharing her story.
  • Her story showcases Huawei's investment in the next generation of female tech talent through programs that foster STEM passion from an early age.
  • Through engagement with universities and support for initiatives providing women opportunities in engineering, Huawei actively contributes to a more balanced and prosperous tech sector in Portugal. 

But stop reading and watch Sofia tell it like it is over a sumptuous breakfast. 

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