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4 German startup ideas that rock

Together with media partner Handelsblatt Media Group and the city of Düsseldorf, Huawei offered the Digital Seeds program to 200 students in Germany and other German-speaking countries, with the aim to nurture entrepreneurship and digital thinking in young entrepreneurs-to-be. 33 teams developed start-up ideas and created detailed business plans in the fields of mobility, sustainability, and the metaverse. After four months of hectic training and self-practice, 15 teams (five from each of the three tracks) were awarded the chance to make their final pitch in August 2022. The nine winning teams, announced in August 2022, earned the chance to visit China to expand their horizons and for further training on how to transform innovative thinking into profitable businesses. 

Below are four of the top teams: 

1. Team ProRegio (Sustainability track): Connecting mid-sized food retailers, supermarkets, and small producers within a region. This contributes to climate protection and the development of local agriculture. 

2. Team Eden (Metaverse track): This Generation Z team uses "metaverse" products to help seniors generation build virtual financial services. The idea is to incorporate the user experience associated with gaming into financial products for retirees.

3. Team SMOUVED (Mobility track): their business idea is about intelligent route guidance, which optimizes the combination of various transportation modes. Users can choose the routes that best fits their requirements and expectations.

4. Team TailorMed (Sustainability track): TailorMed team hopes to launch a cloud and data-driven platform to provide personalized drug dose recommendations for Chinese patients and their caretakers. This will reduce drug misallocation and pollution of waterways.

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