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100 Faces of Huawei, Season 2

In 100 Faces of Huawei, China-based Japanese director Ryo Takeuchi talks to Huawei staff, customers, suppliers and other partners to find out what the company is all about. From this wide range of interviews in a variety of settings, a rich portrait of Huawei emerges. Season 1 is here.  In season 2, Takeuchi conducts his interviews not only in China but also in Thailand and Japan. 

Episode 1: “It’s 2022, can Huawei really survive the ongoing U.S. sanction?"

To answer this question, Takeuchi visits developers working on applications development for Harmony OS. Upon learning that the operating system is used to automate mining, he decides to continue his research deep underground.

Episode 2: "Company strategy revealed"

A lot of companies say that “our employees are our greatest resource” but Takeuchi finds out that at Huawei, it’s actually true. “Strategic Reserve,” he learns, refers to  staff undergoing special training for up to six months. And careers at Huawei are full of twists and turns, including getting the opportunity to keep working at Huawei after “retirement.” How is that possible? Watch the video to find out.

Episode 3: "Why do overseas customers trust Huawei?"

Huawei does business worldwide. In this episode, Takeuchi visits Huawei operations in Japan and Thailand. In Japan, he sees for himself why Huawei solar inverters are so competitive. And in Thailand, he discovers that local employees are just as motivated as their Chinese colleagues.

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