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100 Faces of Huawei, Season 1

In 100 Faces of Huawei, Japanese director Ryo Takeuchi talks with Huawei employees, in China and abroad. He interviews them at work, in their homes, in restaurants, and even when they exercise.  A rich portrait of Huawei emerges, at times at odds with common perceptions. Season 2 is here

Season 1, episode 1: “Huawei international employees reveal the real reasons for America’s sanctions of Huawei.”  

In this episode, Takeuchi visits Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen.  There, he has coffee with rotating chairman Guo Ping and meets with international staff, before heading to the home of a highly talented new recruit.

Episode 2: “Can Huawei 5G and AI tech replace the role of humans?” 

 The Japanese director visits Mawan, one of China’s many 5G smart container terminals, where he sees many humans who are still at work. After that, Takeuchi goes to northeast China to learn how 5G helps to protect wild tigers.

Episode 3: “Who’s controlling Huawei from the past to future?”

Continuing his hero’s journey, Takeuchi heads to Qinghai to install wireless base stations, learns how Huawei develops news smartphones, and discovers that Huawei employs highly-creative artists. He then goes to visit the company’s ESOP Room to ascertain who owns Huawei shares.

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