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Global MBB Forum 2021

5Grows Together

OCT 13 - 14 , 2021

Dubai, UAE

Media Center

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Ken Hu

Rotating Chairman, Huawei

Bocar A. BA

CEO & Board Member, SAMENA Telecommunications Council – UAE

Khalifa Hassan Alforah Alshamsi

Group Chief Strategy & Governance Officer, Etisalat Group

Karim Benkirane

Chief Commercial Officer, du UAE

Sami Rajamäki

Vice President, Network Services, Elisa

Nawaf Al Gharabally

CTO, Zain Group

Nadia Benabdallah

Network Strategy and Engineering Director, Vodafone

Konstantinos Masselos

President, Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT)

David Wang

Executive Director of the Board, Chairman of ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, Huawei

Ryan Ding

Executive Director of the Board, President of the Carrier BG, Huawei

Mats Granryd

Director General, GSMA

Elmar Grasser

CTO, Sunrise

Saleem Alblooshi


Arnaud Vamparys

Senior Vice President, Radio Networks, Orange

Ashish Pilani

Senior Technical Advisor, Globe Telecom, Philippines

Yang Chaobin

President of Wireless Solution, Huawei

Exhibition Highlights

Four Exhibitions to Showcase Innovative Wireless Technologies and Best Practices


Multi-antenna 5G for all scenarios

5Go Smart

Smart 5G for efficient O&M


Green 5G for low carbon

5G Business Success

Vibrant 5G ecosystem & Innovative 5G applications

Wireless Industry Talks

Sub-3GHz Evolution Roundtable

Redefining Sub-3GHz for New Value


The commercial rollout of 5G is picking up speed around the world, taking the entire mobile industry with it and leading services, devices, and more importantly, spectrum towards 5G. Sub-3 GHz — an important band in 2G, 3G, and 4G, has become the focus of the industry looking to maximize spectral efficiency and deliver premium experience while also ensuring the evolution to 5G. The Sub-3GHz Evolution Roundtable will bring together leading operators and partners in the telecom industry to discuss the coordinated development of mobile networks and sub-3 GHz evolution to 5G and to explore the new opportunities brought by 5G.

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4th Wireless Autonomous Network Industry Forum

All-Scenario Autonomous Driving Wireless Network


5G is developing rapidly with diverse applications across various industries. This highlights the necessity of network automation and intelligence for full toC, toH, and toB success. The 4th Wireless Autonomous Network Industry Forum will serve as a platform for you to learn about the latest progress in the standardization and industry development, experience and industry requirement analysis from industry leaders, major operators, and experts, and the latest features of Huawei's Wireless Autonomous Network solutions.

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Microwave Industry Roundtable

Microwave Industry Trends & 5G Backhaul KPIs


Microwave has shown excellent roles in 5G backhaul to accelerate the deployment of 5G with its advantages in high bandwidth, low latency, quick deployment, and low costs. The first and second Microwave Industry Roundtables were held during the 2019 and 2020 Global MBB Forum and were a great success. This year, together with the most knowledgeable and influential industry experts, we will continue to discuss the trends for microwave development, new 5G backhaul KPIs, and microwave spectrum policies. We look forward to your participation in the 3rd 5G Microwave Industry Roundtable.

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5G FWA Industry Forum

5G FWA Makes Business Success


5G fixed wireless access (FWA) is developing rapidly, becoming a mainstream service on 5G networks. At the 5G FWA Industry Forum, you will get to experience success stories from operators in 5G FWA development and learn about the trends for 5G FWA and CPE chip/device industry development.

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2nd 2.3GHz Spectrum Roundtable

Driving the Growth of 2.3GHz Industry


As operators are deploying commercial 5G networks at a large scale, TDD spectrum helps them fulfill network requirements for capacity while improving user experience. Being the core mid-band spectrum of TDD and one of the most widely adopted TDD bands in 4G, the 2.3 GHz band becomes a crucial resource for 5G. The global 2.3GHz Spectrum Roundtable aims to promote discussion between industry organizations, regulatory agencies, operators, and terminal vendors and drive the growth of the TDD 2.3 GHz industry.

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5G Smart Healthcare Integrator Roundtable (Invitation Only)

Cooperation with Smart Healthcare Integrator


This roundtable will focus on how to accelerate the construction of 5G healthcare network infrastructure, expand the applications of 5G technology in smart healthcare, and develop new converged smart healthcare services with 5G. Let's transform the healthcare industry with digital, connected, and intelligent technologies.

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