Global MBB Forum 2022 - Huawei

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Global MBB Forum 2022

5G Leads the Stride

OCT 25 - 26, 2022

Bangkok, Thailand


The 13th Global Mobile Broadband Forum will be hosted by Huawei on October 25 and 26, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand, with support from our industry partners GSMA and GTI.

The 2022 forum offers an opportunity for the mobile and adjacent vertical ecosystems to reconnect, rebuild, and reimagine a fully connected, intelligent world. With the strongest speaker line-up and innovative product launches, the mobile ecosystems are back together to explore how mobile broadband technology is shaping the future and continuing to transform people's lives and industries.

Topics to be discussed range from harnessing the full potential of 5G, to advancing the mobile future, including the latest developments of 5G-Advanced, intelligence, and green 5G. This year's forum will be a hybrid physical and virtual event, heralding a new era of connectivity and collaboration for the mobile ecosystem.

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Why Attend MBBF2022?

Ride the Innovative 5G Wave

See You in Bangkok!

  • Vision: Gain insights into 5.5G, green solutions, intelligent capabilities, among other topics, which will pave the way toward Mobile 2030

  • Inspiration: Hear illuminating 5GtoC/5GtoB/5GtoH case studies that will help you monetize your business

  • Innovation: Catch a glimpse at the cutting-edge wireless products and solutions that make networks green and intelligent

  • Collaboration: Join our stellar lineup 30+ partners in developing a thriving 5G ecosystem, and jumpstart your business

  • Showcase: Experience emerging 5G services firsthand, such as new videos, metaverse XR, 5G Shop, and smart healthcare

  • Engagement: Dialogue with industry insiders, partners, and CXOs


Speakers are in the order of presentation

Ken Hu

Rotating Chairman, Huawei

Lara Dewar

Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA

Yoon Ho Choi

President, Head of XR Service, LG Uplus

Li Peng

President of the Carrier BG, Huawei

David Wang

Executive Director of the Board, Chairman of ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, Huawei


Senior VP, Orange Innovation Networks

Bernhard van der Merwe

VP Technology, Omantel

Sihan Bo Chen

Head of Greater China, GSMA

Yang Chaobin

President of ICT Products & Solutions, President of Wireless Solution, Huawei


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Exhibition Highlights

mbbf 2022,cutting-edge 5G products and solutions

Latest full-scenario cutting-edge 5G products and solutions

The latest full-series ultra-wideband multi-antenna products allow operators to build smart and green networks that address all scenarios. Catch a glimpse at the innovative 5.5G metaverse and Huawei wireless innovations at the jawdropping Cool Tech.

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2022 mbbf, 5G success stories

5G success stories from leading operators

10+ tier-1 operators share case studies, and showcase 5G network construction models that play to their strengths.

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Largest gathering of industry partners in the Asia Pacific region

This year's MBBF will gather 30+ ecosystem partners to discuss innovative applications, including smart culture and travel, XR, live streaming, and smart healthcare solutions. Open Talks will shed light on successful case studies, laying the groundwork for a flourishing 5G ecosystem.

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Wireless Industry Talks

5G Business Success Summit

Oct 25, 2022

After three years of global commercial use of 5G, mature network construction methods, business models, and industry ecosystems have been developed. Global leading operators, industry organizations, and ecosystem partners will gather at this summit to share commercial applications for 5G technologies, including 5GtoC, 5GtoB, and 5GtoH business models, based on their experience in the emerging 5G ecosystem. Huawei will also showcase its latest 5G products and solutions and detail how technological innovation is the key to succeeding in today's fast-paced market.

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IntelligentRAN Industry Summit

Oct 25, 2022

The IntelligentRAN Industry Forum offers a unique opportunity for mobile service providers and partners in related sectors to reimagine the possibilities offered by a fully connected, intelligent world. Speakers will shed light on the practices of leading operators and introduce innovative products and solutions, showcasing the role intelligent technologies play in building fully autonomous mobile networks.

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5.5G Innovation Industry Summit

Oct 25, 2022

The 5.5G Innovation Industry Summit offers a unique opportunity for mobile service providers and partners to lay the groundwork for a fully connected world. Speakers will shed light on cutting-edge 5.5G technologies and business models, and exchange ideas on how 5.5G networks will enrich the entire industry.

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5G Antenna Evolution Summit

Oct 25, 2022

The 5G Antenna Evolution Summit provides a platform for exchange and discussion among global operators and antenna industry organizations on a diverse range of topics, including the evolution of antenna technology, industry trends, and case studies.

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Sub-3GHz Network Evolution Summit

Oct 26, 2022

The Sub-3GHz Network Evolution Summit will gather leading operators, industry organizations, ecosystem partners, and analysts from across the globe to address hot topics in the sub-3GHz industry, including business monetization, trends, and future technological developments. The summit will also showcase illuminating case studies and solutions, and debut Huawei's third-generation 5G RAN product lineup.

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Microwave Industry Summit

Oct 26, 2022

The Microwave Industry Summit will bring together industry organizations, operators, analysts, partners, and Huawei Fellows to discuss the evolution trends of the microwave industry towards 5.5G, best practices, and the latest technologies.

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