Global MBB Forum 2023 - Huawei

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Bring 5.5G into Reality

Global MBB Forum 2023

OCT 10 - 11, 2023

Dubai, UAE

Livestream Replay

The livestream will start at
10:30 OCT 10, 2023 (GMT+4)

DAY1: Enable New Wireless Industry Opportunities to Sustain 5G Business Value Realization

Live: OCT 10, 10:00–12:30 (GMT+4)


DAY2: Evolve Towards 5.5G to Enable Superior Network Experience and Drive Sustainable Development


DAY1: Enable New Wireless Industry Opportunities to Sustain 5G Business Value Realization

Live: OCT 10, 10:00–12:30 (GMT+4)

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Ken Hu

Rotating Chairman, Huawei

Mats Granryd

Director General, GSMA

Alex Sinclair

Chief Technology Officer, GSMA

Eng. Saif Bin Ghelaita

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), UAE; Executive Director Technology Development Affairs

Karim Benkirane

Chief Commercial Officer, du

Marco Zangani

Chief Network Officer of Vodafone Italia and Head of Group Mobile Access Engineering

Bruce Lam

CEO, Consumer, Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited

Shaun Collins

Executive Chairman, CCS Insight

Li Peng

Corporate Senior Vice President, President of the Carrier BG, Huawei

Yang Chaobin

Board Member, President of ICT Products & Solutions, Huawei

Bocar A. BA

CEO & Board Member, SAMENA Telecommunications Council – UAE

Khalid Murshed

Chief Technology and Information Officer, etisalat by e&

Zhang Jing

Stereoscopic Display Project Manager, TCL CSOT

Ding Xin

Vice President, TD Tech

Haithem Mohammed Alfaraj

Chief Technology Officer, STC Group

Joe Barrett

President, Global Mobile Suppliers Association(GSA)

Cao Ming

President of Wireless Solution, Huawei

Wireless Industry Talks

5G Industry Summit

2023/10/10 14:30-16:30

Coordinated development of policies, ecosystems, and networks accelerates global 5G development. Next, 1)  How can spectrum policies adapt to the current industry dynamics and promote industry development? 2) How can service development unleash network potential and facilitate business success? 3) How to continuously innovate and upgrade technologies to enhance gigabit experience? Operators, industry organizations, and regulators will be invited to share in-depth insights and experience, and discuss industry topics such as spectrum policies and evolution from FWA to FWA2, to promote the ecosystem maturity and business success of 5G.

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All Bands to 5G Summit

2023/10/10 15:30-17:00

Focusing on industry hot topics, the summit will explore industry demands, discuss the concept of high-quality network construction based on multi-dimensional experience, and arouse industry-wide resonance together with global industry pioneers and opinion leaders to seek new opportunities for 5G business success. What’s to expect from the summit: the latest industry topics to promote cooperation; the best practices to build high-quality networks; the most popular 5G services to extend new 5G capabilities; the most advanced network construction concept to enhance deterministic experience; the most pioneering Huawei innovations.

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Green Cool Tech Tour

2023/10/10 15:00-16:00

The Green Cool Tech Tour offers an opportunity for mobile operators to know Huawei's energy-saving technologies and explore green-native 5.5G.

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5.5G Evolution Industry Summit

2023/10/11 14:00-15:40

Leading 5.5G operators from China, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Europe will be invited to share 5.5G success stories, opinions on target network evolution, and commercial use plans. The summit aims to reach a consensus on key 5.5G use cases, roadmap, and target network evolution paths to strengthen customers' confidence in the evolution to 5.5G.

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Intelligent RAN Summit

2023/10/11 14:30-16:00

The world's leading mobile network operators, industry analysts, industry partners, and industry associates will be invited to engage in in-depth interactions and exchanges, and discuss on hot topics in wireless network intelligence. Huawei will release key solutions and value directions to achieve L4 autonomous networks that enable 5.5G native intelligence, while leading operators will share their latest practices and results of introducing intelligence into wireless networks to promote the prosperity of intelligent innovation and cooperation, and promote the value of intelligent industry to form an industry consensus.

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5G Indoor Roundtable

2023/10/10 15:00-17:00

As 5G construction continues, consistent indoor and outdoor experience has become the key to improving 5G network experience and accelerating 5G user migration. At the 5G Indoor Roundtable, industry organizations, operators, and analysts will be invited to discuss the industry progress, successful practices, and service planning of indoor 5G, and envision the goals and key paths of building 5.5G indoor wireless networks.

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5G Antenna Evolution Roundtable

2023/10/11 14:30-16:00

With the continuous evolution of 5G, the challenges of network deployment, energy consumption, and O&M complexity are increasing. Antennas are key components that determine wireless network performance. Antenna innovation and evolution play a significant role in simplifying network deployment, saving energy, and improving O&M efficiency. At the 5G Antenna Evolution Roundtable, mobile network operators and antenna industry organizations will be invited to share and discuss how antennas can achieve “0 limit” deployment, “0 loss” performance, and “0 touch” O&M, facilitating efficient 5G deployment and evolution.

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Telco Cloud-native Techtalk on Intelligent Core

2023/10/11 14:30-16:00

Thought leaders and luminaries in the ICT industry from around the world will gather together to map out the evolution direction of network infrastructure, unlock more possibilities of telco native cloud, and create greater business value for operators.

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Exhibition Highlights

From Leading Networks to Thriving Business

Key factors and business models that will drive operators to sustain and amplify their business success

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Deployment of simplified, green, and intelligent high-quality networks that ramp up all-service experience from Gbps to 10 Gbps

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Breakthroughs, innovations, and revolutionary materials and techniques that allow us to stay way ahead of the pack

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