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Baguio General Hospital goes high-tech in fight against Covid-19 with Huawei Cloud


[March 25, 2020] Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center continues to ramp up its fight against Covid-19 as it goes high-tech with Huawei Cloud AI-Assisted diagnosis that is six times faster than manual processes.

To be prepared for influx of patients, the hospital must be equipped with sufficient number of CT scans to diagnose COVID-19 patients along with a greater number of frontline health workers. With Huawei AI-assisted Cloud, it filled the hospital’s gaps ranging from medical resources and eased doctor workloads.

Huawei Cloud AI-Assisted diagnosis has tremendously reduced the screening time of patients from the traditional process of 12 minutes down to only two minutes. This gave doctors diagnose greater number of patients in lesser amount of time. Additionally, its 98 percent accuracy rate proves it is a technology equipped with both quickness and stunning precision.

The diagnostic process in patients starts with the CT scan connected in a secure server to the Huawei Cloud. After the patient is screen, his or her scanned result is uploaded to the server and is compared to 50,000 CT scan results.

“They have a database of over 50,000 plus cases.” Baguio Mayor, Benjie Magalong said “Well the CT scan of the lungs is sent on the system and is compared to the database that is in the cloud”

Afterwards, the result is then projected in 3D format in vivid details making the doctors see the extent of damage the virus has inflicted to the patients’ respiratory system.

Despite the great features of the Huawei Cloud AI-Assisted diagnosis, doctors still have the final word on the patient’s diagnosis.

“The final say will still be coming from the doctor.” Magalong said

Huawei Cloud AI-Assisted diagnosis also helped diagnose numerous of COVID-19 cases in China, which provides technology and experiences for countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and etc.