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Healthy and Harmonious Ecosystem

Collaborating for the common good
Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
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Companies, governments, NGOs, and other groups in civil society all play an important role in supporting progress towards the UN SDGs. When they conductbusiness with integrity, companies can create jobs for local communities, boost the local economy, and reduce poverty and hunger. Together with their partners, companies can help improve health and well-being, reduce inequality, and make their entire business ecosystem more sustainable.

CNY11.89 billion

invested in employee benefits


active patents across 40,000+ families held by Huawei


engineering service suppliers' CEOs signed CSR & EHS commitment letters


charitable activities organized by Huawei; nearly 90 countries received technical assistance from Huawei for pandemic response


Employees are valuable company assets and important contributors to a company's sustainability. A company's growth and success also drives the realization of employees' personal value.
We care for our employees and put their safety first. We focus on employee professional development, value diversity and inclusion, and bring together bright minds.
Sustainability is a key part of our procurement strategy and regularly assessed in our supplier management process.