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Healthy and Harmonious Ecosystem

Collaborating for the common good

The UN SDGs address common challenges facing the global community. Some of these goals include achieving decent work and economic growth, health and well-being, education, equality, and partnerships. These issues will have a profound, long-term impact on many companies' ability to grow sustainably. As such, companies should align their business strategies with the UN SDGs to ensure their operations are ethical, enhance their own sustainability and transparency, and create safer and more inclusive workplaces for their employees. We also believe that all companies should also work with their partners up and down the value chain to contribute to the UN SDGs and create value for the global community.

Today we find ourselves in a business environment full of uncertainty. We are working more closely with our ecosystem partners to contribute more value to society. Our dedicated employees are the foundation we rely on, and we care about their health and safety and personal growth. We conduct business with integrity and adhere to standard business ethics. We believe that legal compliance is a bulwark against the uncertainties of international politics. We have made sustainability a key part of our procurement strategy and work with our partners across the supply chain to build a healthy and harmonious business ecosystem. Huawei is an active, productive member of the communities where we operate. We actively fulfill our community responsibilities and help local communities to advance.

safety and harmonious
  • CNY11.89 billion

    invested in employee benefits

  • 100,000+

    active patents across 40,000+ families held by Huawei

  • 2,500+

    engineering service suppliers' CEOs signed CSR & EHS commitment letters

  • 650+

    charitable activities organized by Huawei; nearly 90 countries received technical assistance from Huawei for pandemic response

Areas of Focus

Caring for Employees

Employees are valuable company assets and important contributors to a company's sustainability. A company's growth and success also drives the realization of employees' personal value.

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Business Ethics

We care for our employees and put their safety first. We focus on employee professional development, value diversity and inclusion, and bring together bright minds.

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Supply Chain Responsibilities

Sustainability is a key part of our procurement strategy and regularly assessed in our supplier management process.

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Community Responsibilities

Huawei is an active, productive member of local communities. We organize charitable activities, cultivate ICT skills, promote gender equality, and help fight the pandemic.

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