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Sustainability Management System

Huawei has established a systematic sustainability management system based on standards such as ISO 26000 and the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. We closely watch both our internal and external environments to identify sustainability risks and opportunities and drive continuous improvement in our management system. This will support the implementation of our sustainability strategies, ensure operational compliance, and continuously improve stakeholder satisfaction.

 CSD management system

Framework of Huawei's Sustainability Management System

CSD Committee

To build Huawei's competitiveness in sustainability, reduce operating risks, and improve stakeholder satisfaction, Huawei established a Corporate Sustainable Development (CSD) Committee more than a decade ago. The Committee guides business departments and the CSD sub-committees in different business domains and regional offices as they develop sustainability strategies and goals, and monitors their implementation.

The Committee consists of more than 10 senior executives from various departments, including human resources (HR), manufacturing, logistics services, procurement, and research and development (R&D). Four committee members are board members. The CSD Committee is chaired by Tao Jingwen, a board member and President of the Quality, Business Process & IT Department.

Responsibilities of the CSD Committee:

  • Develops corporate-level sustainability strategies, guidelines, objectives, and policies; sets the course; and monitors their implementation.
  • Coordinates the creation, implementation, and continuous improvement of the sustainability management system; decides on sustainability related matters; and ensures that Huawei's sustainability management complies with relevant laws and regulations, international standards, and customer requirements.
  • Facilitates sustainability-related communication with key stakeholders such as customers, regulators, and industry organizations.
  • Drives the resolution of sustainability issues across domains or processes and coordinates sustainability operations from end to end.
  • Provides guidance on the development, operation, and improvement of our environment, occupational health and safety (EHS) management system, and handles major EHS issues.

Operations of the CSD:

The Committee meets each quarter and convenes special meetings as necessary to discuss sustainability issues. To support the efficient operations of the CSD Committee, we have appointed a working group, which is responsible for coordinating and completing everyday sustainability work and following up on the achievement of strategic goals related to sustainability. We have also established the Sustainability Report Editorial Board, with the chairman of the CSD Committee serving as the sponsor. The Editorial Board is responsible for preparing, reviewing, and releasing Huawei's sustainability reports.