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Yalong Hydro's 1-GW Hydro-solar Hybrid Power Plant

In the province of Sichuan in western China, Huawei helped Yalong Hydro build the first phase of the Kela PV Plant. This hydro-solar hybrid power plant has a total installed capacity of 1 GW. The plant was connected to the grid in June 2023 and has an annual energy yield of 2 billion kWh, enough to power one million households.

The plant fully considers the needs of the local animal husbandry industry. The PV module support pillars are raised high above the ground, leaving adequate space for vegetation and grazing. The PV modules also reduce ground water evaporation, making it easier for plants to grow. This shows that synergies can be built between the PV and animal husbandry industries.


The first phase of the Kela PV Plant supports the local animal husbandry while generating green power.