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Launching Joint Improvement Programs with Suppliers to Create More Resilient Supply Chains

Huawei's supply chain resilience and business continuity rely on the product quality and supply capabilities of both itself and its suppliers. We provide routine training for suppliers and deploy teams to offer them onsite support. Together with suppliers, we roll out joint improvement programs that employ Top N, Lean Six Sigma, Quality Control Circle (QCC), and other methodologies for continuous improvement. Under these programs, we provide coaching on how suppliers can optimize their internal processes to enhance quality, reduce costs, and save resources by minimizing resource loss and waste..

In 2022, Huawei worked with suppliers to implement 75 Six Sigma improvement programs, 86 QCC improvement programs, and two Top N improvement programs. These programs are an opportunity for both Huawei and suppliers to improve systematic thinking and leverage quality tools and methodologies for issue analysis and resolution. These programs benefited both Huawei and our suppliers, further cementing our close relationships and helping suppliers nurture quality personnel with ICT expertise.

Awards for outstanding supplier

Awards for outstanding supplier coaching projects and individuals at the 2022 Continuous Improvement and Innovation Conference of Huawei Global Procurement