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Supporting the Third China International Import Expo

Security and trustworthy

Live streaming of the launch event at
the China International Import Expo

The third China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai from November 4 to 10, 2020. At the opening ceremony, leaders from many countries delivered speeches via video, which required very high-quality connections for real-time streaming. To help our carrier customer provide live video services over private lines and ensure a superior user experience during the Expo, Huawei sent more than 200 engineers to provide 24/7 onsite support in addition to our monitoring services from the network center.

The Expo's network covered the National Convention and Exhibition Center, transportation hub, main roads, and the roads surrounding the Center. Huawei engineers conducted an onsite survey and developed a network optimization plan to ensure that users could enjoy a superior experience anytime and anywhere in these areas. The 3G, 4G, and 5G data networks both inside and outside the stadium performed excellently. According to the field test results, the 5G download speed in the stadium was above 1 Gbit/s. The demonstrations of 5G services, such as holographic live streaming, AI+VR dynamic live streaming, and smart security service were a resounding success. During the seven-day event, China Central Television and Shanghai TV conducted more than 50 live broadcasts over the 5G networks. The streaming was smooth and free of freezing. Our results for customer network support were impressive: zero service interruptions, zero incidents, and zero complaints.

The success of this network assurance project demonstrated the technical skills of our network assurance team. It also showcased their ability to deliver projects with the support of mature processes and a backend organization, and their commitment to customer-centricity. The outcome won generous praise from our customers.