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Restoring Communications Services During the 2022 Pakistan Floods

In August 2022, Pakistan was rocked by record-breaking floods, with the government declaring a state of emergency on August 25.

In response to this life-or-death crisis, Huawei Pakistan immediately set up an emergency support team to minimize losses caused by network interruptions. Before the floods, we had already prepared 32 contingency plans and significant stockpiles of spare parts for possible disasters. So, our team was able to get key spare parts to affected sites within 12 hours and help our customers restore backbone networks within 36 hours. They stayed at the customer's network management center and core equipment room around the clock for three consecutive weeks to provide support. Our team, alongside our customers, recovered 99% of network services. No secondary network accidents were caused by optic-fiber transmission interruptions or network signaling storms.

Huawei's emergency support team

Members of Huawei's emergency support team take a boat to a disaster-affected area to restore communications services.