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Network Support During the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

During the 22nd FIFA World Cup held in Qatar, Huawei partnered with local carriers to support wireless communications in all eight stadiums and deployed end-to-end solutions at seven. This high-profile event lasted 28 days, included 64 matches, and attracted more than 1.4 million tourists. Ensuring every corner of Doha had 5G coverage and building the world's first 8K live broadcast system was a massive undertaking.

To ensure stable network operations with zero interruptions, zero accidents, and superior user experience, Huawei's project team spent over 400 days preparing for the event. Advanced technologies such as AR-assisted operations and maintenance and large digital screens were used to help our partners deliver a superior experience for the nearly three million cumulative visitors in the stadiums and the billions of streamers around the world watching the matches live. During the event, network throughput rose by more than 80%, with a single game generating network traffic up to three times that of the previous World Cup. The number of roaming subscribers watching the event also grew by 40%. All of these numbers were record highs. Together with our partners, we delivered a superior network experience for audiences all over the world.

A Huawei engineer tests the signal

A Huawei engineer tests the signal in a stadium during the FIFA World Cup Qatar

Note: Huawei was not a supplier or sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.