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Simplified Packaging Saves Materials and Manpower and Cuts Carbon Emissions

environment protection

At Huawei, a large number of optical modules are shipped every year. In the past, optical modules were packed separately and shipped in individual packaging. This resulted in the need for more manpower and high logistics costs. When customers received their shipments, they would have to unpack the modules one by one. The whole process was very time- and energy-consuming and not eco-friendly at all, as a lot of packaging waste was generated.

In 2020, Huawei adopted the design for manufacturability (DFM) and matched the packaging of optical modules with what customers actually demanded. We simplified the separate packaging and determined that packaging six optical modules into one was the most optimal approach. Compared with the old individual packaging, the new packs reduced unpacking time by 85% and saved 18 tons of packaging materials for network products used at data centers. That's equivalent to a reduction of about 20 tons in CO2 emissions.