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Restoring Communications During a Flood in Jakarta

Security and trustworthy

Huawei engineers moving equipment
and materials to a flooded site

On New Year's Eve, 2020, a heavy storm hit Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, causing severe flooding. More than 300,000 people were evacuated, blackouts occurred in multiple areas, and over 1,200 sites were knocked out. The interruptions to the mobile networks severely affected access to communications services and the government's rescue and relief efforts.

The Huawei Indonesia Rep Office immediately set up a network assurance team with our customer, and began site repair and network enhancement. As too many sites were damaged, the first priority was to use our limited resources on the most critical sites. We helped the customer repair the backbone lines and core sites that were severely damaged, and deployed 21 emergency base stations. Over the next few days, we dispatched more than 210 teams, 150 vehicles, 10 inflatable boats, and 160 mobile diesel engines to Jakarta to support our customers. By the early morning of January 4, most networks had been restored, and all key nodes and sites were functioning again. Our enhanced core equipment rooms were holding up against further flood damage. By January 6, all customer network sites were fully restored.

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