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Reducing Reliance on Non-renewable Resources with Bioplastics

environment protection

Plastics are indispensable materials used in electronics products, but recycling traditional plastics is extremely difficult. As part of our commitment to building a better planet with technology, we started using bioplastics in Huawei devices, such as HUAWEI P and Mate series smartphones and watches, starting in 2013. Bioplastics are far more eco-friendly than traditional plastics because they are made from plant extracts, rather than non-renewable petroleum. This means bioplastics greatly reduce environmental pollution and damage. The bioplastics we use contain more than 30% castor oil, reducing CO2 emissions by about 62.6% compared with traditional plastics. By the end of 2020, we had used a total of 1,223 tons of bioplastics, which is equivalent to a reduction of approximately 6,238 tons of CO2 emissions.