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Providing Quality Online Medical Consultation Services to Residents in Remote Areas

In the Asia-Pacific region, mountainous terrain and dense vegetation provide precious natural resources, but also pose significant challenges to the construction of infrastructure and the provision of essential services. In the Philippines, some communities live in poverty and struggle to access basic medical services and resources due to geographical factors.

In response, Huawei has collaborated with Philippine government agencies and enterprises to launch online medical consultation projects in remote areas such as the Zamboanga Peninsula region, the Province of Ilocos Norte, and the Province of Bulacan. We provide residents in these areas with Huawei tablets that come with pre-installed online medial consultation apps free of charge, and our partners offer supporting materials and network services. Now local residents can access prompt and quality online medical consultation services over high-speed networks.

These services are available to more than 500,000 residents, and over 500 people have already benefitted from them. Moving forward, we will use digital technology to make digital medical services available to even more people in different regions.

Huawei and its partners

Huawei and its partners distribute materials to facilitate online medical consultations for residents in remote areas.