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Helping Young Talent Upskill Through Tech Competitions to Advance Basic Sciences and the ICT Industry

Huawei continues to share resources and build platforms by participating in, supporting, and sponsoring top international technology competitions, such as the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). In addition to helping young people improve their skills, we team up with academia to work on problems in basic research and industry development. Together, we share knowledge, promote innovation, and advance science and technology.

In 2023, Huawei and its partners held various competitions and training activities, such as the ICPC Training Camps, the ICPC Challenge Championship, and bootcamps. More than 50 experts from Huawei and the industry gave lectures and guided participants to hone their skills and acquire new knowledge. Within just a year, Huawei published over 50 problems for participants to work on, shared its industry expertise in multiple fields, such as software algorithms, math, physics, and materials chemistry, and maintained engagement with academia.

Huawei also collaborates with academia to build and improve research and experiment platforms and cultivate urgently-needed new talent to drive the development of new technologies in fields like devices, computing, and connectivity.


Students from around the world compete at the ICPC Challenge Championship powered by Huawei