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Huawei Cloud: Improving PUE to Build Green Data Centers

Data centers are at the heart of digital economies. To reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions, Huawei Cloud's data center in Gui'an has green and intelligent technologies incorporated into its design. Its power usage effectiveness (PUE) is 1.12, one of the best figures in the industry. The measures Huawei took include:

  • Employing direct ventilation for natural cooling. Cold air from outdoors is filtered and supplied to equipment rooms, and then discharged from the rooftop following a heat exchange through the hot aisle.
  • Developing a medium-temperature chilled water system in the facility area and office area of the data center. Part of the heat is naturally cooled by waterfalls and lakes, and part of it is used to heat a swimming pool and office area in winter with heat recovery technology. This helps fully reuse waste heat and cut carbon emissions.
  • Introducing liquid cooling technology to increase power density and cooling efficiency and significantly reduce PUE.
  • Applying AI to service scheduling, peak shaving, and valley filling to balance loads among servers and increase resource utilization.
  • Replacing copper components in the power supply with power semiconductors to reduce power loss.

When operating at full capacity, the data center is expected to save 1.01 billion kWh of electricity per year, equivalent to offsetting more than 810,000 tons of carbon emissions1.

Huawei Cloud's green data center in Gui'an

Huawei Cloud's green data center in Gui'an: Naturally cooled through direct ventilation and by waterfalls and lakes, with an industry-leading PUE of 1.12

  1. By China’s regional grid baseline emission factors