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Extending Device Service Life with Software and Hardware Updates

An international study found that the average smartphone purchase cycle for consumers in China was 28 months. Huawei has been exploring how to bring new life to used phones, recoup their full value, and reduce e-waste. We are working to extend the service life of used products as much as possible and make them more durable through software and hardware updates. These efforts include:

  • Upgrading over 100 phone models (including the Mate 9 series released in 2016, Mate 40 series, Mate 30 series, P40 series, HUAWEI Mate X2, nova 8 series, and MatePad Pro series) to HarmonyOS 2. HarmonyOS 2 is born fast and stays fast. With HarmonyOS 2, operation responses on old device models are as smooth as always.
  • Implementing a global flat-rate battery replacement program that covers more than 110 different phone models and is supported in over 2,000 offline stores and online marketplaces. Every month, this program provides over 250,000 consumers with our convenient, cost-effective battery replacement services.
  • Launching a mainboard replacement program in 2021 for phone models sold in the Chinese mainland that allows customers to buy original Huawei mainboards at up to 70% discount, even for out-of-warranty mainboard damages. We have also established a system for reusing screens that are out of warranty in many countries, recycling as many resources as possible.
  • Rolling out a Huawei smartphone memory upgrade plan in 2021 through which consumers can obtain chips with a larger memory capacity for their old devices.
By the end of 2021 HarmonyOS had been deployed on more than 220 million Huawei devices

By the end of 2021, HarmonyOS had been deployed on more than 220 million Huawei devices, making it the world's fastest-growing mobile device operating system.