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A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Huawei values diversity and inclusion in its workforce and is committed to creating a workplace in which all employees enjoy equal opportunities. By the end of 2023, Huawei had about 207,000 employees from 162 different countries and regions.

Huawei is committed to complying with applicable regulations such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and our Caring for Employees Policy lays out the principles and requirements that we believe a good employer must meet to ensure employee care. These principles and requirements cover child labor, forced or involuntary labor, health and safety, diversity, non-discrimination, humane treatment, working hours, compensation and benefits, freedom of association, privacy protection, and learning and development. We have put in place processes, systems, and baselines to ensure that our employee care policy is effectively implemented. When it comes to hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, and termination or retirement, we never engage in or support any form of discrimination based on race, national or social origin, caste, birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, union membership, political opinions, age, or any other condition that could give rise to discrimination. We prohibit the use of child labor and forced labor, and have effective measures in place to prevent the recruitment and use of such labor.

A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

We have released the Employee Business Conduct Guidelines (BCGs), and require every employee to sign, study, and know every detail of the BCGs. These Guidelines describe the legal and ethical requirements that employees must comply with when engaging in business activities. This means that Huawei employees must have a strong sense of social responsibility while complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Anyone who is found to have violated the BCGs will be subject to disciplinary action (including termination of employment and legal action if necessary).

We value diversity in our workforce and respect the lifestyles of all of our employees. We encourage our employees from different regions and departments to interact and communicate with each other in a way that suits their particular needs. We aim to create an environment that makes it easy for everyone to practice and follow their beliefs and customs, whatever they may be. For example, we have prayer rooms on our campuses, and halal food is available in our cafeterias. For nursing mothers, we provide lactation rooms. We also provide facilities like cafes, gyms, and libraries. All of these facilities help us provide quality services that meet the diverse needs of our employees.

team activities

Huawei selects its Top 10 Cafeterias and Best Offices every year and organizes a wide range of team activities to offer employees a comfortable, inclusive workplace.

We have also established employee communication mechanisms as part of our efforts to create an open, inclusive workplace that encourages mutual respect and diversity. For example, we gather our employees' opinions and suggestions through our organizational climate survey, Manager Feedback Program (MFP), the manager open day program, and more. Employees can also report violations, file complaints, and seek assistance through multiple channels such as the dedicated complaint mailbox of our Committee of Ethics and Compliance (CEC) and our HR service hotline. Huawei keeps all reporters' information strictly confidential and prohibits any attempts to threaten or retaliate against reporters.

StoryXinsheng Community – Huawei employees' Roman Forum

The Xinsheng Community, launched on June 29, 2008, is one of our employees' favorite internal communication platforms. It consists of several sections, including corporate files, technical exchanges, management improvement, Huawei People, and Hall of Fame.

In 2023, about 110,000 users visited the Xinsheng Community every day, including 90,000 Huawei employees and 20,000 external visitors. Everyone is encouraged to speak their mind as long as they follow the Xinsheng Community Regulations . Users are free to share their experiences and thoughts, and we do everything we can to protect their privacy. This helps foster a climate in which all voices are encouraged and valued.