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Building Smart Classrooms in Bangladesh to Light Up the Digital Dreams of Students in Remote Areas

Today, many countries still face widening inequalities in regional development due to a lack of resources for education. In the digital era, it is important to make digital education resources easily accessible and bridge the education gap between regions. This can have a big impact on the digital development of society. Huawei remains committed to promoting digital education around the world. We strive to make digital education available for all, and help people adapt to the digital world.

In Bangladesh, schools and students in remote areas generally lack access to digital education resources and devices, due to disparities in economic development and geographical restrictions. To address this issue, Huawei worked with the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh, the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh, and local government agencies to launch a smart classroom project. As part of this project, Huawei donated its smart classroom solution, including Huawei devices, online learning platforms, cloud-based classroom platforms, and digital education resources, to vocational secondary schools in remote areas.

Education has the potential to empower people to realize their dreams, and digital technology will be the torch that lights every path. Huawei will continue using digital technology to build bridges for young people in remote areas to help create a Smart Bangladesh in the digital era.

Huawei and the Chinese Embassy

Huawei and the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh donate a smart classroom solution to a vocational school in Sylhet Division, Bangladesh to deliver high-quality digital learning experiences for students.