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Employee Training and Development

Huawei offers two distinct career paths for employees: the manager path and the expert path. Employees can advance while switching between these two paths. All employees receive regular performance and career development reviews, and are given plenty of training and mobility opportunities during career development. We have implemented a mechanism for department-initiated talent transfers and an internal talent market for free mobility. Both are intended to drive employee mobility and help our employees become more versatile in multiple fields. Talented people are not confined to one domain and are instead given the opportunity to work in different professions and domains. This helps them reskill and upskill, giving them more room for growth. They also have the chance to work in different locations. At Huawei, we offer employees a global platform, exposing them to many new experiences and new insights that will help them grow quickly.

flexible career paths

To support these two career development paths, Huawei provides comprehensive, systematic training resources and platforms to empower our employees at different stages of their careers. Our digital learning platform, iLearning, now offers over 20,000 online courses, helping our employees pursue personalized learning anytime from anywhere and supporting their reskilling and upskilling. We also have over 20,000 online knowledge communities, through which peers and experts from different domains share their experience and insights.

Our smart classroom solution supports hybrid teaching to boost efficiency. The solution offers a rich array of tools and migrates teaching resources to the cloud, aiming to bring digital to every classroom and deliver an immersive learning experience. At Huawei, we believe that the brightest minds should develop even brighter minds, so we constantly attract and cultivate excellent trainers from both inside and outside the company. In 2023, we offered employees a wide range of training activities, and employees spent an average of 63 hours in training.

StoryNew employee development

Huawei's new employee development programs take various forms, such as training, self-study, exams, certifications, mentorship, and hands-on practices. The programs include new employee orientation (NEO), delivery practice camps, learning of position-specific essential knowledge and skills, position-specific hands-on practices and mentoring, as well as assessments and tests.

To help new employees quickly settle into their positions, we have prepared a learning syllabus and established a mentorship program. The syllabus lists the learning objectives, courses, learning instructions, and completion criteria for each new employee and each position group. This ensures that each new employee's development plan is effectively implemented and that they receive proper guidance during self-study. After years of practice and improvement, we have basically hit all the targets we set for new employee development.