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Employee Training and Development

Huawei offers two distinct career paths for employees: the manager path and expert path. Employees can advance while switching between these two paths. All employees receive regular performance and career development reviews, and are given plenty of training and mobility opportunities during career development. We have implemented a mechanism for department-initiated talent transfers and an internal talent market for free mobility. Both are intended to drive employee mobility and help our employees become more versatile in multiple disciplines. Talented people are not confined to one domain and are instead given the opportunity to work in a variety of different professions and domains. This helps them reskill and upskill, giving more room for growth. Working in a variety of different locations is also important, as it helps broaden employees' horizons. At Huawei, we offer employees a global platform, exposing them to many new experiences and new insights that will help them grow quickly.

flexible career paths

To support these two career development paths, Huawei provides comprehensive, systematic training resources and platforms to empower our employees at different stages of their careers. For new employees, we run new employee training & orientations and position-specific training. These programs help new employees better understand the company and learn the skills they need for their first job in the company. We also have mentorship programs that help employees quickly adapt to their new roles and fit into their teams. As they work their way up the corporate ladder, there are programs to help them hone their expertise and management development programs that improve their management skills.

We have continuously optimized our digital platform – iLearning – which offers more than 30,000 learning resources. Within the company, there are over 10,000 online "knowledge communities", where employees can find many resources, at any time and from anywhere. At Huawei, we often talk about "absorbing the energy of the universe over a cup of coffee". This means we encourage everyone to engage in discussions and exchanges, so that better ideas can emerge. We have launched Chaspark, a world-class scientific and technological communication platform that is open to both internal and external stakeholders. This platform aims to inspire people and unleash their full potential.

In 2022, we offered a wide range of training activities for employees. Employees across the company spent an average of 66 hours in training sessions in 2022, and a total of 21,856 Huawei employees served as part-time trainers and lecturers, contributing to other employees' upskilling.

diverse resources for career development