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Never Stop Learning! The digital journey continues for youths from throughout Asia in episode 2 of Seeds for the Future APAC

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Sowing Seeds for the Future APAC EP1 - Never Stop Exploring

First of a five-episode series featuring the journey of 120 outstanding students from 16 countries across Asia-Pacific embarking on a 15-day cross-cultural digital bootcamp.
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2022 ICPC Training Camp held in Poland

A three-day on-site Camp providing top-notch programming training in mathematical modeling, algorithms and data structure for college-aged enthusiasts 

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Seeds For the Future

Never stop growing.

The tech-savvy and change-resilient young talents deserve every opportunity to succeed in the future of technology! At Huawei’s Seeds for the Future, it’s our mission to make sure young talents have access to the necessary skillsets and mindsets to commence in a fast-changing world.

This platform is constructed to share various opportunities such as online courses, competitions, exchange programs, scholarships and beyond. We want to provide our talented young people with the best STEM opportunities possible, and help them succeed their dreams and contribute to the world.

  • 150+

    Countries covered

  • 2.2M

    Digital professionals benefited cumulatively

  • 2200+

    Huawei ICT Academies established globally

  • 0.5M

    People expanded in the digital talent pool by 2026 in APAC


With tech, change can happen anywhere in the world!
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The Story of Bhag Chand, a tech prodigy from rural Pakistan

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A young woman’s ICT journey
Doreen Atuhangaine

Student, Kyambogo University, Uganda

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From champions to future game changers, we tell the stories from those who departed from the most prestigious programming contests, and hear their ambitions and dreams.

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A Senegal girl’s dream
See how a young girl developed a dream to join the telecommunications industry that allows people to reconnect.
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Never Stop Learning

Start learning new skillsets with our workshops curated by industry experts.

Sharpen your knowledge by joining more of our subject-specific courses

Never Stop Exploring

Check out our programs that create the best STEM opportunities for you globally.


insights 01

Strategies to Address the Digital Skill Shortages in the EU

As the European Union works to accelerate the digital and green transition, we need fresh solutions to nurture digital talent. ALL DIGITAL, HUAWEI, and EY have partnered to investigate the digital skills gap in the EU. What are the main challenges faced by the industry and European youth? What are the policy and industry responses? And how can we identify areas where stakeholders can play a role in the next decade?

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Seeds For The Future Issue No.1: Nurturing Talent

Voices from Huawei's Global Skills Development Programs

insights 03

ICT Talent Development for the Digital South Africa

The whitepaper aims to provide evidence-based perspectives to the South Africa policy makers and relevant stakeholders to develop policies and strategies to orient people towards the labour market demand and economic development considerations of tomorrow.

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ICT Insights: Talent Ecosystem Special

The yearly magazine digs into Huawei's talent development strategies and classic cases in the education, industry, and public fields, with deep analysis on Huawei's process of building a healthy ICT talent ecosystem from ground zero.

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