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Seeds for the Future course on Cloud Computing

(June 2024) You think you know something about Cloud Computing? Think again. There's a lot more to it than just backing up files in your Google Drive.  This 7-part Seeds for the Future course on Cloud covers a lot of ground, from where the Cloud came from to what operating system it uses. Along the way, your Instructor Zach answers all the questions you've always wanted to ask about Cloud, from where it's actually located to what providers mean when they say "SaaS." 

Part 1: What is the Cloud?

This introduction to the series explains how the cloud evolved from big mainframes to a distributed network of interconnected data servers. It also shows how Cloud has become central to our daily lives. 

Part 2: Cloud advantages

The Cloud offers a lot of unique advantages to users. It provides immense amounts of computing power as needed, and the opportunity to only pay for the services used.

Part 3: Getting familiar with some key terms

Huawei Cloud proudly offers its customers "Everything as a Service." That makes a lot more sense once familiar with Cloud acronyms like Saas (Software as a Service). This chapter defines some Cloud keywords. 

Part 4: Public cloud or private cloud?

Some organizations own their own cloud.  And others rely on public cloud services like Amazon or Huawei Cloud.  What are the pros and cons? This chapter discusses this as well as describing a compromise solution. 

Part 5: Cloud infrastructure

From the hardware layer (the servers and networks) to the operating systems required to run it all, the Cloud contains several layers.  This lesson provides an overview of how a distributed system of data servers located in different locations can work smoothly together. 

Part 6: OpenStack

OpenStack is one of the most commonly used Cloud operating systems. This chapter provides an overview of OpenStack as well as the administrative tools needed to run the Cloud. 

Part 7: The future of Cloud

It's foolhardy to try to predict the future, but several trends are already well under way and will keep Cloud engineers busy for years to come. This includes boosting the sustainability of the Cloud and finding ways to allow clouds from different providers to share data safely and efficiently. 

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