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Huawei Training Academy and Association for Talent Development Sign "Joint Certification of Professional Instructors" Strategic Cooperation Plan

Mar 08, 2021

[Online Meeting, March 8, 2021] Huawei Training Academy and Association for Talent Development (ATD) have signed a strategic cooperation plan — Joint Certification of Professional Instructors.

The two parties launched professional instructor certification systems during the event, namely, Huawei Training Professional (HTP) and Huawei Training Expert (HTE). They will engage in long-term and in-depth cooperation to advance teaching techniques, talent development, and other areas.

Bill Tang and Tony Bingham

Bill Tang, President of Huawei Global Technical Service Dept (left); Tony Bingham, President and CEO of ATD (right)

Following approximately six months of continuous communication between Huawei Training Academy and ATD, the two parties have agreed to hold consistent appraisal and certification requirements for practitioners developing talent.

The Academy is a leading global digital ICT talent development center with 1200+ instructors. Through its provision of high-quality training for global telecom operators and ecosystems, it builds an international authoritative instructor certification system. The latter is a global talent development association, Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) with certification systems that have become widely popular worldwide.

Through this "Joint Certification of Professional Instructors", Huawei Training Academy will first appraise and certify its own instructors based on the CPTD and APTD. Huawei Training Academy and ATD have developed the HTE and HTP certification systems. The two parties will establish an interviewer resource pool comprising experts and jointly market and promote the HTP and HTE certifications across the industry ecosystem. In addition, they will continuously work together to develop digital instructor capability models for future services as well as release a white paper on talent development.

"ATD is an authoritative international association in talent development with extensive research results, practical experience, and theoretical models,” said Bill Tang, President of Huawei Global Technical Service. “Our cooperation will help Huawei Training Academy further lead the development of global ICT talent. We hope that through the pursuit of excellence, Huawei and ATD can work hard to build the best ICT instructor ecosystem and improve instructors' technical competence in teaching and talent development, letting the brightest minds develop even brighter minds."

"Huawei is setting a strong example for cultivating ICT instructors, providing a high-quality teaching experience,” said Tony Bingham, President and CEO of ATD. “We are honored to work with Huawei and will provide strong support for Huawei Training Academy with our research resources, education, qualifications, and membership. We encourage instructors to participate in this project, draw on its ideas and concepts, and apply them to their teaching to provide high-quality education and make professional contributions,"

The strategic cooperation between Huawei Training Academy and ATD not only showcases their mutual recognition of professionalism and authority, but also reflects the two parties' significant explorative efforts in developing the ICT instructor ecosystem, which will play an active role in promoting the development of ICT talent within the telecom domain.