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Huawei's SmartWi-Fi Solution Enables China Telecom Guangdong to Provide High-Quality Broadband

Mar 16, 2018

[Shenzhen, China, March 16, 2018] China Telecom Guangdong (Guangdong Telecom) has used Huawei's SmartWi-Fi solution to launch China's first cloud-based smart home management platform. This platform works with an intelligent network consisting of Huawei's smart gateways and high-performance dual-band APs to greatly improve– home Wi-Fi experience. It provides thousands of homes in Guangdong with high-quality broadband services, allowing home users to enjoy smooth high-speed Internet (HSI) and UHD video services.

The rapid growth of smart terminals and video services, including 4K and virtual reality (VR), requires that home networks support more terminals. Now, ubiquitous Wi-Fi networks are a daily necessity. Currently, due to factors such as highly-dense buildings and complex household designs, home users face a lot of problems, including Wi-Fi signal conflict, poor Wi-Fi coverage, low access rates, and difficult Wi-Fi fault locating. All these problems greatly affect the home Wi-Fi experience. When users frequently report Wi-Fi faults, operators' technical support personnel often need to visit user homes to locate these faults, resulting in time-consuming troubleshooting and high O&M costs.

To solve these problems, Huawei released the SmartWi-Fi solution which supports cloud-based O&M. This solution enables full Wi-Fi coverage and smooth UHD video streaming, providing an excellent user experience. Additionally, this solution supports remote fault diagnosis, enabling operators to reduce home visits, reduce O&M costs, and improve broadband brand reputation. These advantages led Guangdong Telecom to choose Huawei's SmartWi-Fi solution to enhance user Wi-Fi experience and improve O&M efficiency.

Under Huawei's SmartWi-Fi solution, home users in Guangdong are provided with different home networking schemes according to the characteristics of their homes. For example, for large houses, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or PLC APs are used based on indoor cable routing to form networks with full Wi-Fi coverage. In these networks, users can freely access the Internet, watch videos, and play games over multiple terminals, including TV sets, smartphones, and tablets. The networks that consist of Huawei's high-quality smart gateways and dual-band APs support 2.4 GHz/5 GHz bands. Through software and hardware optimization, these networks can provide wider Wi-Fi coverage and deliver better performance. Additionally, the cloud-based home network management platform of Huawei's SmartWi-Fi solution makes remote home Wi-Fi networks visible and manageable, and makes Wi-Fi quality evaluable. Using this platform, Guangdong Telecom can remotely locate and rectify faults, reducing home visits by 30% and lowering O&M OPEX. This platform also supports one-stop services covering home network quality evaluation, design, deployment, and project acceptance.

Liu Zhijun, General Manager of Guangdong Telecom's Network Operation Department, said "Guangdong Telecom aims to build optimal home broadband and provide users with ubiquitous high-speed Wi-Fi. By using Huawei's SmartWi-Fi solution, Guangdong Telecom removes Wi-Fi dead zones in homes, so that users can enjoy super-fast broadband access anywhere in their homes. Additionally, through the cloud-based management platform, Guangdong Telecom can resolve faults remotely, greatly reducing home visits, improving O&M efficiency, and reducing O&M costs. Guangdong Telecom will continue to work with Huawei to innovate in the broadband field and build high-quality broadband for users."

Zhou Jun, President of Huawei's Access Network Product Line, said "Wi-Fi is a key technology for bearing home broadband services, but poor Wi-Fi quality is a bottleneck that affects user experience. Huawei is committed to providing high-quality home broadband Wi-Fi, improving O&M efficiency, and reducing O&M costs, helping operators succeed in home broadband."