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Huawei Demonstrates Safe and Efficient Oil and Gas ICT Solutions at ADIPEC

Nov 13, 2017

[Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, November 13, 2017] Huawei held its Global Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi on November 12. With the theme of 'Leading New ICT for Higher Safety and Efficiency in the Oil and Gas Industry', this summit attracted more than 200 customers, partners, and senior experts from the oil and gas industry, who gathered to discuss how to reduce costs, ensure safe operations, achieve sustainable development, and boost the oil and gas industry's transition to smart operations. At the 20th Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), Huawei, with industry partners, such as Schlumberger, Honeywell, SAP, and Richfit, demonstrated a series of innovative ICT solutions that cover the entire industry chain from exploration, production, storage, and transportation to distribution.

Safe and Efficient Huawei Digital Oil and Gas Solutions, Serving 70% of Global Top 20 Oil and Gas Companies

With the growth of global energy demands, the oil and gas industry faces fierce competition and severe challenges. Oil and gas companies and investors are in urgent need to use the latest information technologies and management processes to reduce costs and ensure safe operations. Against this backdrop, innovative ICT plays an important role in digital transformation of the oil and gas industry.

Mr. Jerry Ji, President of the Energy Sector of Huawei Enterprise BG, gave a keynote speech at the summit. Mr. Jerry Ji said, "It is an honor for Huawei to see all guests at the summit. Today's oil and gas industry is facing tremendous challenges. For example, the average oil recovery rate in the entire industry is only about 37%; over 70% oilfield assets are not effectively monitored and managed; more than 90% incidents arise from man-made improper operations. In addition, oilfield operations are still labor-intensive. Many workers are heavily tasked with routine check and maintenance. All these lead to high costs, low efficiency, and unsatisfactory yields for oil companies. To help oil companies confidently address these challenges, continuous digital construction and digital transformation are among the most feasible ways. Based on its ever-deepened understanding of oil and gas industry services, Huawei cooperates with more and more industry partners to launch innovative ICT solutions in terms of High Performance Computing (HPC), oil and gas IoT, digital pipeline, and enterprise operations management. These solutions help the oil and gas industry implement and accelerate digital transformation, continuously lower costs and improve efficiency, and enhance safe production and operations management."

Welcome speech by Mr. Jerry Ji, President of the Energy Sector of Huawei Enterprise BG

Huawei's oil and gas solutions have been applied in 45 countries and regions around the world, serving 70% of global top 20 oil and gas companies. An example is Huawei's cooperation with Santos, the largest onshore oil and gas producer in Australia. In this cooperation, Santos' original narrowband production network for gas fields is replaced with a 4G LTE IoT network that Huawei helps build. These deployments help Santos collect and analyze data in real time, accurately detect services. Santos's overall work efficiency is improved by 40%. Besides, this year, Huawei won the bid of the communications system reconstruction project for the Tazama crude oil pipeline. This pipeline is 1710 km long and extends from Kigamboni, Tanzania to Ndola, Zambia. In this project, Huawei provided a digital pipeline solution. The solutions Huawei demonstrated in ADIPEC cover exploration and reservoir HPC, seismic data storage, exploration and production cloud, digital oilfield production, digital oil and gas pipeline, digital refinery, and cloud data center. For example, Huawei's innovative converged HPC solution helps oil and gas companies accelerate seismic data processing, numerical reservoir simulation, and 3D visualization for more efficient and accurate optimization and forecasting of oil and gas areas, thereby helping oil and gas companies improve productivity.

Huawei demonstrates safe and efficient ICT solutions at ADIPEC

Oil and Gas IoT Development Promotes Energy Ecological Cooperation

At the summit, Dr. Hatem Nasr, the senior advisor of digital oilfields, and industry experts from McKinsey, Asia Gas Pipeline (AGP), and Qamar Energy gave speeches on topics such as "Digital transformation drives revolutionary changes in the oil and gas industry".

In the upstream production sector, Dr. Ali Ahmed Jama, Schlumberger Global Production Business Development Manager, gave a speech at the summit discussing a new approach to the digital oilfield through a production operations advisory solution. The solution leverages Schlumberger’s extensive digital oilfield experience, and research and development expertise to create a unique user experience, bringing a combination of petroleum engineering domain science and digital technologies to take on the challenges that exist in the core processes of E&P companies."

Regarding oil and gas storage and transportation, the biggest challenge facing oil and gas pipeline operations is pipeline safety. Oil and gas companies are looking for new ways to implement remote control and efficient operations of long-distance pipelines.

Mr. Guo Xiaoqiang, Deputy Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Branch of China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Corporation (CPPE), pointed out, "By leveraging key technologies such as the IoT, cloud computing, Big Data, and AI, we can have in-depth and comprehensive detection and control on pipeline reliability and security, and improve the pipelines' operating efficiency to the greatest extent. With the support of new ICT technologies and combine the professional capability, we can advance the development of new-generation digital pipelines characterized by an unprecedented level of 'Smartness'."

To date, 197 companies in Fortune's Global 500, 45 of which are in the top 100, have selected Huawei as their partner for digital transformation.

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