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Huawei Helps China Mobile Tap into "Indoor Digital Economy"

Sep 14, 2016

[Wuxi, China, September 14, 2016] Huawei, China Mobile and iSoftStone unveiled their "Creating New Business in Smart Coastal City" project in the Wuxi Coastal City Shopping Plaza, a commercial complex in Southern China. This project brought together leading industry players to build 4G network-based smart shopping malls and explore innovative uses for location-based services (LBS).

The Opening Ceremony of Wuxi Coastal City Project

"Using 4G networks to provide multi-connection services and enhance business capabilities is an essential component of the network innovations employed by our broad-connection strategy." Said Huang Yuhong, deputy director of China Mobile Research Institute, "China Mobile hopes to join hands with industry partners and tap the full potential of big data in indoor value-added applications. We hope to build smart operator networks and use the networks to offer more services and value-added applications."

In the Wuxi Coastal City program, Huawei worked together with China Mobile, iSoftStone and other industry partners to deploy an indoor digital solution in the commercial complex. This solution is based on 4G and other telecom networks. The solution delivers a superb indoor mobile broadband experience to the consumers. One outstanding feature of this solution is indoor precise positioning. This function, combined with special apps for the shopping malls here allows consumers to enjoy a variety of value-added services, such as indoor shop locating and navigation, vehicle locating in parking lots, and geo-fence based promotional push messaging.

China Mobile is also planning to expand interworking with big data platforms to support a broad range of analysis functions, such as consumer age distribution, consumer preferences, and accurate location tracking. With such information on hand, China Mobile is able to help local retailers offer better, more precise services.

In order to build a long-term partnership, Huawei is considering joint efforts with China Mobile and other industry partners to build an LBS joint innovation and demonstration zone in Wuxi Coastal City. Pilot programs will be launched using commercially deployed indoor digital solutions to test and verify an innovative new indoor positioning technology and capability openness platform called "Any-Location". With this endeavor, Huawei aims to jointly explore various business models in real-world business environment and promote the development of the entire indoor digital industry.

"Indoor digital markets represent endless business opportunities." Remarked Peter Zhou, Vice President of Huawei Wireless Network Product Line, "Various differentiated services fuelled by dig data allow operators to enjoy tremendous benefits. Building a broad big data platform is the key to successful business transformation for operators. Huawei's indoor digital solutions will help operators construct the indoor components of their big data platforms, helping them achieve successful business transformation in the mobile internet era."