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Huawei Blade Site Solution Helps LG U+ in South Korea Agilely Deploy Sites

Jun 08, 2016

[Shenzhen, China, Jun 8, 2016] LG U+ successfully deployed sites using Huawei Blade Site solution which adopts the industry-leading distributed power system (DPS) and lithium battery. Compared with the traditional program, Blade Site solution has the advantages of small size, rapid construction, maintenance and operation cost savings.

Blade Site Solution has been deployed successfully in South Korea LG U+

LG U+ as one of the world's best LTE network, around the No.1 user experience, is committed to continuously improve the network performance and user experience through continuous technological innovation. Huawei Blade Site solution for agile site deployment achieves zero footprint. Modules on the blade site, such as the blade RRU, power device, and battery, can be quickly installed and combined, which facilitates flexible network deployment and O&M. This solution helps LG U+ realize MBB network expansion with limited site location resources and costs.

The lightweight DPS involved in the Blade Site solution with the size reduced to 6 L is designed in blade form and can be seamlessly combined with the blade RRU. The heat-resistant and high-density lithium battery with natural heat dissipation is used as the power backup device. With an IP65 protection level, the lithium battery can be used at 55℃ temperature outdoors and in harsh environments. Up to five lithium batteries can be connected to expand the capacity and to meet power backup requirements in various scenarios.

Compared with traditional site solutions, Huawei Blade Site solution highlights the zero site footprint, and simple O&M. This solution increases the LTE site deployment efficiency and helps operators quickly deploy sites in dense urban areas and high-speed railway scenarios with limited space requirements and low rental costs. This solution has been highly recognized by LG U+.

Currently, Huawei Blade Site solution is put into pre-commercial use or has been commercially used on large scale by more than 160 operators worldwide. This solution will allow key operators to smoothly deploy sites to improve MBB network capacity and increase the RIO for operators.