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From the rain forest to the desert: video stories from around the world

From Pakistan to Brazil, everyone needs access

Whether in the rain forest or the desert, life’s just better when you’re connected

Bringing the Internet to the Amazon rain forest

Huawei engineer Rodrigo Hiroyuki Ito was inspired to work in telecom because it would allow him to connect people who lived in remote or poor locations. Leaving behind his wife and young daughter, Rodrigo traveled to the heart of the Amazon, where he had his work cut out for him. 

In this video, we follow Rodrigo as he works to connect the unconnected.

Smart villages transform rural Pakistan

Smart villages transform rural PakistanSmart villages transform rural Pakistan

Gokina, Pakistan is just 25 kilometers from the capital city of Islamabad. But steep mountain roads made the village nearly inaccessible, and left its inhabitants feeling cut off healthcare and other basic services. 

But video consultations now give Gokina’s families access to specialist doctors in the big city, while distance learning lets students benefit from teacher at the best schools in the country. 

It’s all thanks to the ITU’s Smart Villages and Smart Islands initiative, whose goal is to connecting unconnected people and communities by 2030. 

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