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Sustainability stories from Greece, Austria, and China

Technology at the service of sustainability

Technology can be harnessed to use scarce resources more sustainably while making our lives better. These three snapshots show how.

Detecting forest fires early
The key to preventing catastrophic forest fires is early detection. In Greece, Huawei works with network carrier Nova-Wind and Solutions provider (software & hardware) PROBOTEK to reach that objective. Together, they have deployed an integrated technology that utilizes AI and drones in order to analyze images in real-time to detect early signs of fire so that first responders can be alerted before it’s too late. 

The solution has been initially deployed at Syggrou Forest in Marousi Municipality near Athens. A longer version of the video is here.

Boosting agricultural yields in Austria
At the centuries-old Nussböckgut vineyard in Upper Austria, Huawei has teamed up with drone service provider Dronetech to validate the potential of technology in agriculture. There, the technology detects small insects, monitors crop status, and predicts harvests. More details about this case available here.

Providing just the right amount of heat 
In many parts of the world, heating in winter is provided by large furnaces that serve entire neighborhood and even cities. Traditionally, the systems have proven hard to fine tune.  In some homes, it can become unbearably hot inside, while in others, residents are uncomfortably cold. In Harbin in northeast China, Huawei has found a way to make lives better and reduce waste with the help of AI.

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