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Tech is transforming energy in South Africa, China, and Singapore

Sustainable green energy – three video snapshots from South Africa, western China, and Singapore

With the consequences of climate change having an increasingly dire impact on our planet, we have no choice but to reduce our carbon emissions. Huawei offers a range of thoroughly field-tested, cost-effective solutions that are essential to transiting to power grids that chiefly rely on renewable energy.

Elephants and solar panels
Knysna Elephant Park in South Africa relies on Huawei to operate the solar farm it has on-site. With solar power, the park can cut energy costs and invest more in animal welfare.

Clean energy from the vast plains of west China
The world's largest mixed renewable energy base is in Western China, where thanks to smart digital solutions, 5 billion kWh of clean power is generated every year at low cost.

Singapore's floating solar farm 
Several of the world’s largest cities are built next to the sea or vast lakes. This is the case for land-scarce Singapore. There, a large solar farm was built on the surface of the Straits of Johor.

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