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Our critical focus is being easy to use

Credit cards, the cloud, and the need for speed

Woottichai Jarernpol, Head of IT for Krungthai Card Public Company in Thailand, talks with Huawei Executive Editor-in-Chief Gavin Allen about how cloud services help the company get to market faster.

Q: What is KTC's business strategy and how does it ensure a unique customer experience? 

A: KTC is not too big a company. So we look to do everything faster – it’s about speed to the market. And for the customer experience, our critical focus is being easy to use. Before we launch a new product, we have to prepare and ensure the customer is not confused by the application or the contract. 

Q: What benefits did Huawei Cloud bring to KTC’s digital transformation, both for KTC and your customers? 

A: Huawei is in the picture because, when we set the conditions for which cloud service to use, and how best to help customers, Huawei’s was able to could support all of our infrastructure and facilitate our company operations.

Q: Was that a capability and a security issue?

A: Yes, correct. Another reason is that Huawei Cloud is located in Thailand. In fact, Huawei Cloud was the very first cloud service provider that was located in Thailand and could service Thais. We studied the road map and strategy of Huawei Cloud and felt confident it could support us.

Q: What do you think will be the future development trends in the fintech and banking industry? 

A: After Covid, we’ve seen very fast technological change, so I just cannot predict where it will be in five or 10 years from now.

When you study IT, even two years ahead is a long time. Normally we will look into the new technology around 18 months ahead, but that doesn't mean all of it will be applied in our company. 

We have to evaluate and ensure the technology is mature and useful, checking latency, accuracy and everything else. That’s our time period for judging whether we want to move into that technology space. But this year, all the solutions are going in the same direction: AI, data and security.

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