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Here’s a look at how digital connectivity is transforming healthcare in Kenya, Thailand, New Zealand and Spain.

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Telemedicine in Kenya
Just six national hospitals serve 54m Kenyans, many of whom live too far away to make the long trip into the city. But connectivity has enabled video consultations that give patients in remote areas access to specialist doctors hundreds of kilometers away.

Helping children see the future
Ninety percent of childhood blindness could be prevented with early detection. See how Julietta, a child in Spain, would have partially lost her vision if not for Track AI, a portable device that uses machine learning to identify vision problems in young children.

Smart healthcare in Thailand
Thanks to a smartphone app, Thais can now visit one of Bangkok’s premier hospitals without taking a long trip from the countryside. Learn how the country’s Digital Health strategy helps allocate medical resources and improve Thais’ quality of life.

Mobile clinics serve New Zealand’s rural heartland
The country’s rural and remote communities suffer from a lack of doctors. Fortunately, a broadband network on a truck provides on-site and drive-through service to New Zealanders in hard-to-reach locales.

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