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From “finding industries for technologies” to “finding technologies for industries”.

Wear a suit, drink coffee, dig coal

The documentary that challenges your mining stereotypes

The acclaimed director and film-maker Takeuchi Ryo has been following Huawei for his "100 Faces of Huawei" series. He got permission to talk to members of staff from across the company – from the rotating chairman to innovators, finance and editorial staff - and all with unimpeded shooting and production. He was given wide access and that included to a coal mine in Yulin City, in Shaanxi, to accompany Wang Wei from Huawei’s innovation centre. The Huawei Coal Mine Team has changed from “finding industries for technologies” to “finding technologies for industries”. And the film-maker admitted that the frontline mining operations he saw as a result of that strategy bust many of his previously-held stereotypes. You can see his unique and first-hand perspective here.

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