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Selling only the best chilies

(Posted June 2022) One industry after another keeps finding new applications for machine vision, already one of the most widely deployed types of artificial intelligence.  In Malaysia, Hexa Food uses the technology to select the best chilies to sell to customers.

Agricultural goods vary widely in quality depending on where and when they were grown. This poses a challenge for food processing businesses in the premium segment of the market.


The AI developed by Hexa quickly and accurately removes sub-par chilies from the production line. Hexa’s IoT team created the technology on Huawei Cloud using ModelArts. This AI development platform allows users with no coding experience to build their own applications in as little as two weeks.

Huawei technologies play an important role in enabling the deployment of AI in industry.   AI involves hooking up cameras and sensors to high-speed networks that are either fully-optical or 5G. The data is processed on the cloud or on proprietary hardware.  Huawei supplies all the hardware, cloud services, and knowhow to make it all work seamlessly.        

Even in a traditional business like spices, digital technologies are transformative.

Watch the Hexa Food story.