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Transforming rail travel

Railway operators are embracing digital tech to improve safety and efficiency

(Posted June 2022) High-speed telecommunications networks enable the digital transformation of rail transport. They are invaluable infrastructure supporting both transit and long-distance rail travel.

Reliable networks are essential for the signaling systems that ensure that trains do not collide or derail. When 5G is introduced into railway control systems, it allows trains to transmit and process more data. This boosts safety and efficiency.  

Nanjing is China’s first 5G-enabled rail transit system. See what 5G enables!

Trains have to be checked every 4,000 kilometers – every few days. But IoT sensors can collect information automatically, easing the workload and allowing quicker inspections, to ensure all mechanical systems are operating as designed.

Broadband networks help railway staff make sure the tracks are problem-free. 5G-networked IoT sensors tell railway operators immediately if there is an issue with tree branches, debris or ice on the track.

Mexico uses Huawei technologies so that its trains run safer. Ferromex, the country’s largest rail network operator, called on Huawei to provide real-time inspection solution for its 32 railway yards. Huawei’s AI technology provides analytics that work together with high-definition video to prevent accidents, theft, and other mishaps. The technology constantly monitors unusual movement. Be it from a thief trying to grab essential equipment or pedestrians taking an unsafe shortcut across the tracks.

In Laos, Huawei Smart Railway Solution is used in the China-Laos railway that opened in late 2021. Linking Vientiane to Kunming in 3 hours, the new 1035km land link will play a significant role in promoting trade and business between Laos and its neighbors. Huawei’s technology has been supporting all stages of this important new railway, from construction to the operational phase, where it boosts safety. Along their journey, travelers can now enjoy a seamless, high-quality network connection.  

See the new China-Laos high-speed railway: