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Optical fiber, the foundation of smart cities

Shanghai, an all-optical smart city

(Posted June 2022) As generation and use of data keeps on rising rapidly, cities will require the ability to shift massive amounts of data as part of their basic infrastructure.  Optical fiber is the required backbone to support those rising communications needs.

Optical fiber offers unparalleled advantages over copper cabling.  It delivers 10 times the bandwidth and one tenth the latency, while using only one quarter of the energy. It is also highly reliable and immune to interference.  And of all the connectivity methods available, optical fiber is the most eco-friendly.

Huawei is the industry leader in fiber technologies.  Our solutions make it easier to deploy fiber to every neighborhood, every building, and every room.  Behind the scene, our unique all-optical cross-connects occupy merely 10% of the space and consume only 40% of the energy of competing technologies.

Several major cities have already conducted preliminary research and concluded that all-optical networks with unleash tremendous value and growth potential.  Huawei has worked with leading operators globally to deploy all-optical networks.  In April 2021, Shanghai became the first city worldwide to deploy of fully-optical network city-wide. Anywhere in the urban area, user can experience a stable connection with a network latency of only 1 millisecond.  

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