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Making your own local grid

(Posted June 2022) One of the downsides of current power grids is that they rely on large power stations to deliver electricity to large chunks of territory, and sometimes entire countries. For hard-to-reach communities, distributed grids are better.

In isolated villages and hamlets, power is traditionally provided by fuel guzzling generators.  Renewables hold the promise to rewrite the status quo.  Increasingly, out-of-the-way communities can build their own grids powered by wind turbines and solar cells.

Huawei is among the world’s top suppliers of solar inverters, power electronic devices that change the DC current generated by solar panels into standard AC current used for everyday purposes like turning on the lights or charging the car.  Huawei inverters are built to provide durability and reliability at levels unmatched in the rest of the industry.

But see for yourself how in Cameroon, Huawei technology is changing people’s lives.