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Connecting overseas workers with their families in Pakistan


Hailing from Peshawar, Pakistan, Shafi Ullah had dreams of being an engineer. Instead, he has been driving a taxi in Dubai for the past 22 years, earning money to send home to his family.  

For him, it’s vital to stay in touch with his son, a college student. Graduation is coming up soon, and although Shafi cannot attend in person, he can witness the ceremony on a clear high-definition video connection.  


Faiza went abroad to help provide support for her two sisters back in Lahore. One is getting married, and Faiza is responsible for funding the ceremony – which is coming up in just one week. Fortunately, she can transfer the funds quickly and easily with a digital banking app.


Qasim left the lush valley of Swat to go to Abu Dhabi. There, he has worked for the past five years in the construction industry, earning money to fund medical treatment for his mother. She’s doing better, but staying in touch is hard: cell phone reception at the building sites has been patchy at best, and Swat, though lovely, lacks the cell towers needed for a strong connection. But when Qasim gets a surprise video call from his brother back home, he realizes things have changed... 

Huawei has developed a wide range of products, technologies, and know-how to provide connectivity for the tens of millions of people around the world who are still unconnected – or who need connections far from home. 

Watch the story below. And for more about Huawei's efforts to Connect the Unconnected, see our event of Nov. 23 2022 Sustainability event Connectivity+: Innovate for Impact