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Building a green data center in 5.5 days

(Posted June 2022) Data centers play a central role in enabling the creation of smart cities, where convenience and public safety are just as important as environmental sustainability. Digital infrastructure is now just as important to cities as roads and power lines.  

Sustainability is a key consideration for data centers.  Worldwide, they already account for 1% of energy consumption and carbon emissions. Industry has a social responsibility to construct them sustainably and to use renewable power sources wherever possible.

Our solution is smart modular data centers. Rapidly deployed, easy to install and maintain, their modular design gives customers the ability to expand capacity as needed, with no expensive redesign costs.

Built to order, our prefabricated modules are constructed at the same time as the components are installed. This integrated architecture cuts the delivery time by 50% with on-site build times slashed from years to mere days.

The 2,000-square-meter MORO data center in Dubai is the largest green data center in Middle East and Africa and was completed in just 5.5 days, a new record. It will be 100% powered by renewable energy from a nearby solar farm.

Compared with traditional buildings, the modular construction technique reduces construction waste and water consumption by 80%. Always an important consideration when building in arid environments!

The largest green data center in the Middle East was built in few days.  See how it was done.