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Tech skills key to fighting climate change, say UNESCO experts

(April 2024) “We have to find solutions to the global climate crisis,” said Friedrich Huebler, Head of UNESCO-UNEVOC’s International Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. “Many of the solutions will make use of technology. Therefore it’s necessary for us to have a workforce that has the green skills and digital literacy to find solutions that will make our economies and societies greener.” 

Soledad Patiño, Coordinator of the UNESCO Skills Academy, agrees. “ICT is crucial because it impacts every aspect of life – not just education but also employability and overall economic development,” she said. “It is crucial for us to address the power of technology and see how we can leverage initiatives that enhance skills development, particularly for populations that are more in need.”

Harnessing tech resources will require the right partnerships with private companies. “The private sector is a key actor in our ability to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals,” Patiño said. “They can bring the expertise that they have, but also the understanding the knowledge of this fast-evolving change in labor markets.” She added, “This is fundamental for helping people make the transition from school to work.”

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