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Tech by Her - Technology according to Women

Through the voices of its protagonists, this documentary, released July 2023, tells the story of women who introduced significant innovations in their industries. They brought positive change to their realm, triggering an evolutionary process for the entire society. 

Elena, featured in the video, made the empty rooms of a castle more enjoyable through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.  Mariarita meanwhile, is  a pioneer in the software industry, who developed one the first programs allowing mass sending of SMS to a large database of recipients.

As for Cristina, she found the courage to restart her career from scratch by founding a startup that combines her passion for kids with her endless curiosity for technology.  And we also discover Fabi who developed a digital services app contributing to bridging the digital gender gap, especially in less developed countries.

The documentary explores the difficulties and challenges that women find themselves facing on a daily basis, including stereotypes, bias, and lack of flexibility. And how women can overcome the absence of adequate programs and policies that could enable more of them to make a valuable contribution and conquer positions of power and influence.

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